Wave Energy

Wave Energy

Wave Energy is the transport and capture of energy by Ocean surface waves. There are several ways to harness wave energy and it involves placing electricity generators on the surface of the ocean. Wave Energy is a very viable source of Renewable energy. As long as the earth continues to track around Sun and the Moon around the Earth, waves will continue to be an important source of Kinetic Energy. It is definitely economical and environment friendly.

How Does Wave Energy Work?

Waves are basically caused by tides, that vary depending on the lunar cycles. Depending on the lunar cycles, tides, winds and weather, waves can be of various sizes and strength. Waves create Kinetic Energy as they roll through the ocean. This energy can be used to power turbines, which in turn creates energy that can be converted to electricity and power. The motion of the waves may be utilized to power generators.

Wave Farms

A group of wave energy devices that are deployed in the same location are known as wave firm. Wave firms are generally aimed at having higher electricity production. The devices interact with each other, hydrodynamically or electrically that mainly depends upon the number of machines, the distance between them, the geometric layout, the wave climate, the local geometry and the control strategies. The wave firms are designed in such a way that it is possible to achieve a higher power production, lower costs and less power fluctuations.

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