Geothermal Energy

Geothermal Energy

In simple terms, Geothermal energy refers to the thermal energy that is generated and stored deep inside the earth. The earth’s internal heat is actually generated from radioactive decay and continual heat loss from the earth’s formation. There has been evidence of humans using geothermal heat for their personal uses from Paleolithic times and ancient Roman times. The temperature at the core mantle may reach over 4000-degree centigrade. Today Geothermal heat is used to generate electricity in various parts of the globe. Around 13,900 MW of electricity were generated in the year 2019 alone. It is a very economical way of electricity generation.

Geothermal power plants were mainly found near the boundaries of tectonic plates. However, with the development of modern technology that has led to improvements in drilling and extraction, it is now possible to operate geothermal plants over a much larger geographical area. We at Jesco follow innovative drilling techniques for generating electricity through the geothermal mechanism. This is part of our strategy to provide sustainable energy generation solutions.

Apart from being an independent power producer that develops and owns geothermal power plants, Jesco Energy also provides engineering design, procurement for geothermal projects of other companies. Though geothermal energy is used currently by 20 countries, the US is the largest producer of geothermal energy. To say frankly, it is a carbon-free renewable, sustainable form of energy that can be used to heat homes and offices and to generate electricity. It is a continuous source of energy and not an intermittent one like wind or solar. Its potential production can reach up to 35GW and as high as 2TW.

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